Prayer & Bible Study

There is a National Day of Prayer throughout Ireland centred on Palm Sunday between 3-4pm. Materials are here on the PCI website, so get together with your family in prayer ask God to deliver our land and our world.

Please share this Call to Prayer so that across Ireland we are united in prayer in that hour.

Virtual Bible Study On Zoom

On Wednesday 8th April Heidi Biermann, our Princeton intern, is hosting a Bible Study on Zoom. Meeting ID: 808-872-198

If you would like more information about this study or anything else please email


Let’s Pray

Let’s Pray is a weekly email and A5 booklet resource, providing prayer topics and requests for the coming week running from Sunday to Saturday. It features prayers and requests concerning all aspects of the life and work of the Church, with a major emphasis on Global Mission and Mission in Ireland.

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Lets Pray for w/c 29th March

 “These three remain…” is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to draw congregations and their members together in God
to express his life and witness in this moment. Content will also appear
on the PCI website and social media in the coming days to resource
the church for its continuing ministry and mission.

In this moment

A prayer for these days of lockdown
Loving God,
In this moment when we feel,
locked in to a terrible set of circumstances,
locked up in our homes,
locked down by fear and uncertainty;
help us to find freedom in faith,
healing in hope,
liberty in your love.
In this time when tempers can get frayed in relationships,
give us the fruit of your Spirit in our lives, our homes, our dealings with one another in society.
We pray for – Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control.
Be especially with those who feel most isolated and alone.
Grant them a deep sense of your presence through long days and lonely hours,
bring comfort and calm,
strength and support.
Help us to appreciate simple pleasures in a fresh way through our unusual circumstances,
the blessing of home,
the joy of loved ones,
the view from our windows,
the voice of a friend on the phone.
Lord, hear our prayers.
For we ask them in Jesus Name,


Sunday 29 March

On this day on which we are used to gathering together to worship God, pray:

      • that those who will be participating in acts of worship in their homes delivered through a range of media will know God’s presence and
      • hear him speak into our present situation;
      • that those who cannot access worship will know God’s presence and find strength through reading his Word and comfort in prayer;

Monday 30 March

On this day which usually marks the beginning of a new school week, pray:

      • that children struggling with the loss of routine may experience a sense of calm in their loss of the familiar;
      • that parents working from home and looking after children will be able to juggle responsibilities;
      • that teachers preparing work to send home will be able to be creative in supplying learning outside the classroom.

Tuesday 31 March

Remember PCI’s global mission workers and other overseas mission personnel, praying:

      • that they will know God’s strength and peace as they minister far from home in a global pandemic;
      • that they will find opportunities to show Christ’s love and share his gospel;
      • that their families back at home will trust in God to watch over their loved ones overseas.

Wednesday 1 April

Pray for frontline workers and for effectiveness in the essential tasks they are carrying out, asking:

      • that medical staff would find energy and strength and be enabled to use their gifts and skills to help those most in need;
      • that food suppliers and retailers would be able to cope with the extra pressure of delivery, stocking shelves and selling to customers in stressful circumstances.

Thursday 2 April

Pray for society in lockdown, asking:

      • God’s patience as many spend an unusual amount of time indoors;
      • God’s peace for those who feel especially stressed by the situation;
      • God’s presence for those who feel most isolated and alone.

Friday 3 April

Pray for those who give a lead in church life at this time, or seek to bring a timely word through the These Three Remain initiative, for:

      • the Moderator, Dr William Henry, as he speaks into this unprecedented situation and is called upon to respond to changing circumstances;
      • the Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev Trevor Gribben, as he liaises with public health officials and has to craft suitable advice for
        in a rapidly changing situation;
      • those who contribute to the daily Tides devotional and to other materials intended to support congregations and their members at this time.

Saturday 4 April

Remember PCI’s Residential Homes, asking:

      • God’s strength for staff in testing and trying circumstances;
      • God’s peace for residents at an upsetting time;

God’s wisdom for those who oversee the work of the various facilities as they are called upon to make wise
decisions for the good of residents and their families.

For anyone who wishes to spend time in prayer and quiet reflection,  the church is open 11:00am to noon every Wednesday.