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Let’s Pray

Let’s Pray is a weekly email and A5 booklet resource, providing prayer topics and requests for the coming week running from Sunday to Saturday. It features prayers and requests concerning all aspects of the life and work of the Church, with a major emphasis on Global Mission and Mission in Ireland.

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Let’s Pray w/c Sun 14th June

“These three remain…” is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church in
Ireland to draw congregations and their members together in God
to express his life and witness in this moment. Content is also available on
the PCI website and social media channels to resource the church for its
continuing ministry and mission.

In this moment

A prayer for our congregation in this time of separation
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
you have drawn our congregation together into you as one,
familiar faces, shared stories, different gifts,
gathered to be your family,
together to express your love for others.
But just now we feel scattered, splintered, separated,
our life stifled by continuing lockdown restrictions.
In this time apart –
watch over the lonely, the sick and the anxious,
bless young and old, families and singles,
strengthen our minister, elders and leaders.
Be present in every pastoral telephone call,
each act of kindness for brother or sister.
Engage our hearts as one in digital worship,
expand our faith in online gatherings for Bible study or prayer.
Extend your grace to those who have been bereaved,
encourage us all on this strange journey through wilderness days.
Remind us that, although separated from each other,
nothing can separate us from the love of Christ,
no trouble or hardship,
neither death nor life,
not what is happening at present,
nor what might come in future,
nothing in all creation.
We are victors even over this virus,
more than conquerors through him who loved us.
So, hear us as we pray for one another,
in these days.
In Jesus’ name.

Sunday 14 June | Worship and rest
• Pray for everyone who will engage today in digital worship, asking that God will enable them
to know his presence, respond with thankful and trusting hearts and receive a word in season
for their present circumstances.
• Pray that today would be a day of rest in the Lord, asking that it would restore and renew
body mind, heart and soul and build resilience for the intensity of life in these times.

Monday 15 June | Witness for Christ
• Pray for congregations as they bear witness for Christ through initiatives in their local
communities and online, asking that God would speak to many who previously had little or no
contact with church.
• Pray for members as opportunities to share faith arise in conversation, asking that God would
help us to always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks for a reason for the hope
we have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

Tuesday 16 June | Restarting the economy
• Pray for leaders in the business and retail sectors as they navigate a path towards reopening,
asking that God would give a necessary mix of restraint and resourcefulness in guiding return to
• Pray for shop owners, managers and staff as they think through practical and financial
implications for reopening, asking that God would enable them to arrive at arrangements for
safe trading and feasible models for profitability.

Wednesday 17 June | Spiritual stamina
• Pray for the necessary perseverance to continue on the path set before us by the unexpected and
unchosen circumstances of pandemic and lockdown, asking God for strength, patience and
• Pray for discipline in pursuing God in prayer, reading his Word, loving one another and being kind
to those in need, asking him to ground our living in the regular rhythms of receiving and
extending his grace.

Thursday 18 June | Church finances
• Pray for congregational committees and their treasurers while the link between going to church
and giving remains interrupted, asking that God would give them wisdom and peace in the
responsibilities of overseeing finances, prioritising payments and making ends meet.
• Pray for those overseeing denominational finances, asking that God would lead and guide in
managing budgets, creatively cutting costs and making maximum use of the government job
retention scheme.

Friday 19 June | Global mission
• Pray for PCI global mission workers overseas as they continue to adjust to life and ministry in
time of pandemic, asking that God would keep them safe and well and bless their work in every
sphere in which they bear influence.
• Pray for PCI’s mission partners around the world as they battle with the effects of the pandemic,
asking God to strengthen, lead and guide efforts to share Christ’s love in word and deed.

Saturday 20 June | Pastoral care
• Pray for ministers, elders and members involved in delivering pastoral care from a distance,
asking God to help them show his care in prayerful, sensitive and practical ways that express his
love and extend his grace.
• Pray for those who are suffering through illness, anxiety, bereavement or loss of employment,
asking that God would bring strength, peace, comfort and reassurance of his presence and

For anyone who wishes to spend time in prayer and quiet reflection,  the church is open 11:00am to noon every Wednesday.