Groomsport Presbyterian Church

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We are pleased to resume in person worship; it is essential to register by contacting the church office before Wednesday at noon for the following Sunday.
You can either email the office or leave a message on the answering machine.
An audio recording of each Sunday’s service will be made and uploaded to the website on the same Sunday.  

Please find below, an audio recording of this week’s service and a video children’s talk.

These have been specifically recorded for members of Groomsport Presbyterian Church. However, we pray that it will be of blessing to all who choose to listen in. 

The Church building will be open for private prayer on Wednesdays, 10:00 am – Noon.

Storehouse contributions may be left at the church building on Wednesdays 10:00 am – Noon.

Audio Service for Sunday 19th December
Conducted: Reverend Denis Cambpell &
Mrs Sylvia Santos Bryce (Deaconess)
Organist : Isabel Keenan

Audio Service for Sunday 23rd January
Conducted by: Sylvia Santos Byce &
Rev Denis Campbell
Organist: Mr John McIlwaine

Church For Now …

 We are still connecting with our members and encourage people to join us with our online activities. See below how we are still connected. 

Virtual Services

Every Sunday we will upload a new audio service to our homepage and on Facebook.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is still ongoing, albeit in a different way. If you need any help from our pastoral care team please contact the office by emailing


Visit our Facebook page, keep up to date with our virtual activities and announcements.

Presbyterian Herald - Winter

"Resilience may be found when we stand firm together. The armour of God takes on a new quality when it is worn by a battalion."

For Now

Belonging to the church in unusual times.

...draw near to God, spur one another on and encourage one another – not as an option, but because we need each other if we are to keep the faith.

Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Films and animations from the Presbyterian. Church in Ireland. What’s been going on in the depths of your heart and mind during the Covid-19 pandemic? Sinking? is a little clip about life and faith in these challenging times. Why not watch it or share it by direct message with a friend and start a conversation?

Store House Collection- North Down

In these difficult times, we are aware that many families will have to rely on food banks. Storehouse North Down will continue as long as there are groceries to give out. Groceries may be left at any of the following, Storehouse North Down premises at 12 Balloo Avenue Monday and Thursday 10 am - 3 pm, The Co-Op Groomsport Road, First Bangor Presbyterian, Sainsbury’s Holywood Exchange. Storehouse are unable to buy in bulk and are short of the following: tins of meat - ham, corned beef etc., tins of meals - minced steak, chunky chicken etc rice, tins of rice meals - curry, chilli con Carne, etc rice sauces, tins of custard and rice, tinned tomatoes fruit juices, diluting juices, cooking oil, toiletries, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, cleaning sprays.
Thank you for all your support and we would ask you to pray for protection for the volunteers, many of whom are in the vulnerable age group.

Knysna Presbyterian Church, South Africa

Our sister Presbyterian Church in Knysna, South Africa is also providing online services at this time of global pandemic. If anyone is interested in accessing these, the links are available on their website.

Mission In Groomsport Presbyterian

The Mission Committee has been reviewing the various projects that we had hoped to support this past year.

Following approval by session, our supported projects have received donations from Groomsport Presbyterian Church. We have also sent donations to ‘Storehouse North Down’ and ‘Hope Christian Trust’ that supports a Christian school in Gaza. Please remember the work of the mission committee and the projects run by our partner organisations in your prayers. Thank you.