Groomsport Presbyterian Church

Our weekly service of worship is at 11:00 am.

Girls and boys attend Kidszone at 10.45 am and join the congregation for a time of child-centred worship at 11.45 am with the whole church family.

The service is recorded and made available on the same Sunday on this website.   The weekly audio service is specifically recorded for members of Groomsport Presbyterian Church who are unable to attend. However, we pray that it will be of blessing to all who choose to listen in.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is still ongoing, albeit in a different way. If you need any help from our pastoral care team please contact the office by emailing

Presbyterian Herald

"Resilience may be found when we stand firm together. The armour of God takes on a new quality when it is worn by a battalion."

For Now

Belonging to the church in unusual times.

...draw near to God, spur one another on and encourage one another – not as an option, but because we need each other if we are to keep the faith.

Knysna Presbyterian Church, South Africa

Our sister Presbyterian Church in Knysna, South Africa is also providing online services at this time of global pandemic. If anyone is interested in accessing these, the links are available on their website.